Operations & Production

Spargo Productions can support your event with operation / production coordination or management.

Event Management

Spargo Productions can manage all elements of the event for you.

Festival Area Management

Spargo Productions can manage areas inside your festival from campsite to entrances.


Hospitality is defined as the friendly and generous reception and entertainment of guests, visitors, or strangers. Spargo Productions can create hospitality spaces for guests and VIPs in fields, unusual buildings or anywhere you want.

Guest List & Accreditation

The event accreditation process provides artists, staff, contractors, participants, media and guests with their first impressions of an event. From the initial event accreditation application to the presentation of the pass itself, the process has a significant bearing on how the professionalism and conduct of the event is judged. Spargo Productions can provide the administrative support and welcoming team.

Food & Retail Trader Management

Food and Retail traders at an event or festival need to be just right to suit the audience and style of event. Spargo Productions can manage the selection, booking and H&S admin for your traders.

A-Z of Events

A list of all the events Spargo Productions has been involved with!

Next Steps...

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And finally just because we LOVE it so much, here is the timelapse from the final 2 days of The Patron's Lunch build, show and derig, for which Spargo Productions provided operations coordination.  LOVE this video!